How to shop for used cars in 2020

By Steven O / May 01, 2020

 "To get the best deal, it is important to shop around." Barbara Corcoran

 7 out of 10 buyers don't know which car to buy when they enter the market and 3rd party sites are used by 78% of shoppers.

The trick with shopping today is that we are overwhelmed with choices. Unless you are experienced, the more the options, the more we tend to overanalyze our decision, we can even become paralyzed, and either decide to buy nothing at all, or end up being much less satisfied with our eventual selection due to the fear of missing out (FOMO).

 "I just need a reliable car..."

Let’s say you were looking for a sedan in the Seattle area with less than 30,000 miles, gray, black or white and under $16,000.  Just by looking on, there's over 1500 results.

How do you proceed from there? Which tools or services can you trust to make sure you pick the best matching car for your specific needs? There are over 100 options you need to decide on for each car such as year, interior color, features, comfort, size, body style, trim, make, model, exterior color, mileage, price, trade in value, financing option, transmission, Carfax reports, location, trust, condition, warranty, MPG etc…  

"Driving the car made me realize I needed something smaller!"

After studying car shopping behavior in America over the past 5 years, we realized that the easiest way to find out which used car is best for you is simply to Test Drive multiple cars. 

You can do so by contacting each dealer on the phone or via email to check for availability and setup appointments. However, be prepared to share your phone number and email with car salesmen and to spend at least an hour or two at each dealership.

Car buying programs such as offer Self-Guided test drive sessions. They allow you to add multiple cars to your cart and reserve them for a 30 minutes self-guided test drive session before you decide to buy. No need to call dealers, they do not sell your contact information and there's no pressure to buy. 

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