COVID-19: Should you buy a car online and have it delivered?

By Steven O / May 01, 2020

If you've shopped cars after February 2020, you've probably noticed many dealers and car shopping marketplaces promoting home services or the option to have the dealer bring the car to you for a test drive at home. 

This is a great step in the right direction which is giving more power to the buyer as opposed to the dealer. Back when I sold cars, we were trained to keep customers at the dealership as much as possible. The only times a client have time control is before she arrives and once she leaves the store. 

Having tried a few test drive at home services, I believe they can be very convenient. Mostly in the case where you have made up your mind about the vehicle you want and perhaps it's only a matter of making sure the car drives normally.

It is not ideal or recommended to use home test-drive if you're still trying to decide which car is best for you to buy since you will have to work closely with the salesmen to setup and schedule the test drive which will make it hard or awkward if you don't decide to buy just because you're hesitant especially if the car drives normally. If you're someone that is easily persuaded, you might still commit to buy the car even though you didn't like it that much simply because you don't want to relive the same experience with another dealer. 

My recommendation in case you're looking to take advantage of home test-drive: 

- Make sure you really like the car and you're just making sure it drives normally

- If you're just shopping around, make it clear to the dealer before the test-drive

- Do not commit unless it is really what you want. Buying a car is not the goal, buying the right car for YOU should be your goal.

Good luck!



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