6 Steps to Test Drive like a pro with ShopDrivePick™

By Steven O / May 01, 2020

The key to a stress free test drive experience is to be expected. Unfortunately we avoid reaching out to dealerships because of how they follow us around with multiple phone calls and emails. 

 “I don’t know how many times I looked at cars on Cargurus online and got excited but didn’t follow through because I didn’t want to deal with the whole dealership process”

In my experience, there's nothing worse than walking into a dealership unexpected. However, a recent study shows that 88% of people enter dealerships without a formal appointment. I do not recommend it unless you already know exactly what you want and you're very good at saying no.

So how do you Test Drive like a pro?

Start by browsing our inventory and select up to 3 cars you would like to test-drive. When you're ready, go ahead and checkout using your free member code.

ShopDrivePick will handle the annoying scheduling process with dealers and setup your self-guided test drive sessions within 2 to 3 business hours. Your confirmation email will contain a short test-drive itinerary you can follow. This will allow you to skip the small talk and get straight to the vehicle.

Outside the car: 

  • - Perform a 360 degree look around and particularly pay attention to the tires, paint and windshields.
  • - Look for dents or anything unusual

    Inside the car: 

    1. - Get behind the wheel, adjust the driver seat and mirrors to your liking until you’re comfortable.

    2. - Find out how to connect your phone to the car system

    3. - Open your test drive itinerary from your confirmation email

    4. - Check if the features that matter most to you are working (music, heated seats, trunk size, backup camera, navigation, heater, AC etc...)

    5. - Turn on the car and keep the sound silent so you can hear the sound of the engine as you start driving and be aware of the brakes performance.

    6. - Optional: If comfortable, try and take the car to the freeway to get a sense of how it drives and sounds at 60MPH. 

    Voila! Don't forget to rate your experience to help us maintain high quality test-drives.



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